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Tips to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits in Children

To help parents encourage their children to make healthy food choices, we've put together some tips to help you get started!
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Car Seat Safety Tips and Guidelines

When driving, safety should always be a priority for your family. Follow these car seat safety tips to keep your child safe and secure while on the road.
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How to Make Handwashing Fun for Kids

Teaching kids the importance of handwashing from an early age is essential, but it's also necessary to make it fun so they will want to do it.
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What is a Sports Physical?

An annual sports physical is an assessment of a child’s medical history, as well as their overall health and fitness to determine if it is safe for them to participate in sports and other physical activities.
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How to Tell if Your Child Has a Tongue Tie

A tongue tie may impact how your child eats, speaks, and swallows. Learn what a tongue tie is, the symptoms, and the treatments available.
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Importance of Annual Pediatric Appointments

The best way to keep your child healthy is to maintain annual pediatric appointments with their doctor to track milestones and catch potential illnesses early.
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How Candy Can Harm Your Teeth and Overall Health

It’s no secret that candy is unhealthy, but many people don’t realize how detrimental sweets can be to your teeth and overall health.
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