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What Is A Sports Physical?

What is a Sports Physical?

Sports are a great way for school-aged children to stay active and healthy. Not only do sports help encourage physical fitness, but they also help children develop social skills, teamwork principles, and more. However, before children can join a sports team or participate in any physical activity program, they must receive a sports physical (or pre-participation physical) from their doctor to assess their health and fitness levels.

What is an Annual Sports Physical?

An annual sports physical is an assessment of a child’s medical history, as well as their overall health and fitness. During the examination, a doctor will look for signs of any underlying conditions or illnesses that might prevent a child from participating in physical activities. It is important to note that this appointment does not replace an annual checkup — it is an additional assessment that must be conducted prior to any participation in sports or physical activities.

When Does My Child Need a Sports Physical?

Most schools and organizations require children to have a pre-participation physical once a year — usually at the start of each new school year. Additionally, some programs may require children to have an updated physical if they are transferring to a new school or team.

As children grow, their bodies change and develop. That is why having a sports physical on an annual basis is needed to re-evaluate their eligibility to participate.

What to Expect

During a pre-participation physical, your child’s doctor will do some basic tests to assess their overall health and fitness. These tests might include:

  • Measuring height and weight
  • Checking blood pressure and pulse
  • Evaluating joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Looking for any signs of abnormal breathing or heart rate
  • Listening to the lungs
  • Checking eyesight and hearing

The doctor may also ask a few questions about your child’s medical history, such as any family history of heart conditions or allergies. It is important that you be honest and open with the doctor during the sports physical — any pre-existing medical conditions or illnesses must be properly documented in order for your child to participate in sports activities safely.

By having an annual sports physical, you can rest assured that your child is healthy and fit to participate in whatever sport or activity they choose. Furthermore, these regular assessments help ensure that any underlying medical conditions are properly monitored and addressed if needed.

Schedule Your Child’s Sports Physical at Abra Health

At Abra Health, our doctors offer comprehensive sports physicals for children of all ages. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and helping your child stay healthy and active.

Our sports physicals are also a great opportunity to speak with your child’s doctor about any injuries your child may be prone to due to their sport of choice. We can provide any additional advice or guidance to help keep your child safe and injury-free while they participate in physical activities.

To schedule an appointment for a sports physical, please contact our office today! We look forward to serving you and your family soon.

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